Be our Producer

Are you interested in being the Producer for our Village magazine, the Kennington Chronicle?

The volunteers produce 1,850 copies every month except August, and deliver them free of charge to every household and business within Kennington.

The job of producing the Chronicle is entirely digital, and is best suited to someone who would enjoy compiling (laying out) the magazine in preparation for printing.

This page describes the requirements. If you are interested, or might be interested, in this position, please contact either the Editor, Amena Sutton; or the former editor, Paddy Landau, on 01865 429135 or . We will be happy to answer your questions.



  • A modern desktop or laptop
  • A broadband connection (because of the size of images that will be emailed)
  • A printer is not required


Items marked with an asterisk are free open-source software.

  • Operating system: Windows, MacOS or Linux* (e.g. Ubuntu Desktop*).
  • Desktop publishing: You will have flexibility in choosing the software to produce the final version. At the moment, LibreOffice* is used, but you don’t have to use this. You could choose MS Word, MS Publisher, Scribus*, or any other regularly-maintained software.
  • Image-processing software such as Photoshop or GIMP* can be helpful, but is not required as your desktop publishing software can resize and crop images.
  • Access to MS Publisher is helpful but not required.
  • An email account.


  • A working knowledge of styles (used by virtually all word processors and desktop publishing software) is not required, but you would find it helpful.
  • The Chronicle is printed on A4 sheets, folded in half to create an A5 book. As each A4 sheet takes four printed A5 pages, this means that the Chronicle has to be compiled into a document where the number of pages is exactly divisible by 4 — so, 40 pages, 44 pages, 48 pages and 52 pages are typical.
  • A backup routine is strongly advised.

Dates and deadlines

The Chronicle is delivered just before the 1st of each month. This means that each month’s Chronicle has to be prepared roughly two weeks before then. So, for example, the April edition must be prepared mid-March.

You will receive submissions (from the Editor) and advertisements (from the Advertising Co-ordinator) up to the 15th of the month inclusive.

These need to be compiled into a PDF as soon as possible for quality checking, and then forwarding to the Printer, who will print the 1,850 copies of the Chronicle. Generally, the deadline is around the 17th or 18th, depending on weekends and bank holidays such as Christmas.

We don’t have an August edition, which means that you get July off. (In August, you would compile the September Chronicle.)

Time commitment

The current Producer spends around a full day per month (in total, spread over several days) to accept all of the submissions and place them into the template.

Submissions usually come in the two weeks prior to the 15th, with the majority arriving on the 14th and 15th.

The final compilation takes 2–4 hours, usually on the 16th of the month. This time includes calculating how many pages the final copy will take (remember that it must be divisible by 4); arranging the articles to fit while leaving space for the advertisements; adding the advertisements; creating the PDF; and checking for quality. It usually takes 2–3 hours, but sometimes stretches to 4.

As the entire process is digital, you can do this from home, a library, or indeed anywhere in the world as long as you have your computer and a good internet connection.


There are hardly any costs associated with this position, but should you incur any, the Kennington Chronicle will reimburse you in full.